Why your business needs more than a calendar

Planning the busy weeks ahead for your employees, jobs and every meeting can make your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar look exhausted.


There is not enough flexibility in the already mentioned calendars to quickly identify who is who and what is what!  It is very difficult to see any detail or even book different types of resources at the same time, such as Joe Bloggs is booked out with the ipad, projector and VW Van.

Colour Code Events

It is for the reasons above that FM Scheduler was designed and released.  Imagine all of your events, meetings, jobs, activities, staff members, colour coded with a simple and easy to distinguish interface.  The bog standard calendars are extremely minimal and certainly do not have resource planning capabilities.

No Double Booking

If  you are after basic diary management, then I guess the likes of iCal will suffice.  However if you want to drag and drop resources easily onto different events, rooms, or conferences, then the Calendar is out and the Scheduler is in.  The best of all, is you can avoid those awkward moments of double booking.  Have you ever booked a resource out twice by mistake, well FM Scheduler will not let you.

If you would like to have a look yourself you can download a free trial here and put it to practice.