See below for some Resource Scheduler frequently asked questions & troubleshooting guide:

How many resources can I create?

The number of resources in Scheduler is unlimited. You may also create as many resource categories as needed, as these are also unlimited!

What if a newer version comes out after I make my purchase?

Our customers are entitled to a free upgrade for the purchased product if a newer version is released within 30 days.

Does FM Scheduler work on Mac?

Yes, FM Scheduler works on Mac and Windows.

Can FM Scheduler be integrated into my own FileMaker solution?

Yes, there are several versions of FM Scheduler. Standalone, where it can be used in its current form and an developer version where it can be integrated into your own solution.

Is FM Scheduler an open solution?

FM Scheduler is prominently sold as a closed solution.  However we can still integrate to third party software and if you really want an open solution please contact us to discuss this further.

Does FM Schduler work online?

Yes we have a web version available, which works on any device.